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Top 10 Best Martial Arts School in Singapore

For the second consecutive year, we are in the Top 10 Best Martial Arts School in Singapore by Yahoo Sports Singapore!

2016 Budo Academy class schedule

Dear parent and enthusiast, classes at Budo √Ącademy will commence from Monday 4th Jan 2016.
We have made minor adjustments to the schedule to better serve you.
Drop us an email if you would like a copy of the schedule. See you on the mats!
Team Jagsport

2016 Zecotek-Jagsport Invitation Championship

Join us for our annual Zecotek-Jagsport Invitation Championship! Divisions contested are:

1. Kids 7 years and under (Mixed division)
2. Children 10 years and under (Mixed division)
3. Juvenile 13 years and under (Mixed division)
4. Cadets 16 years and under (Boys & Girls)
5. Youth 19 years and under (Male & Female)
6. Junior 23 years and under (Male & Female)

We look forward to having your team grace this event. Please let us know if you require assistance to facilitate your visit.
Our contact list is appended below for your convenience.

Administation & Registration

Gi of the Champion!

Gi of the Champion is available at Home of the Champion.

The Jimmy Pedro World champion Judogi is available at Jagsport the quantity and size are very limited.

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