Our Classes

Whether the goals are self-confidence, self-defense, personal development, fitness, or just to have fun, our life skills programmes are designed to bring out the best of each individual. 

While all martial arts teach fighting strategies and techniques, we offer much more. Many of the techniques involve an appreciation of biomechanics and physics. Application of combination and follow up techniques, hones improvisation skills. Timing and co-ordination of the hips, hands, feet and head in the execution of techniques emphasizes fluidity and flexibility. As you progress, more complex techniques will be introduced, which will hone reflexes.

For the children

The primary emphasis of martial arts is on developing the individual's self-esteem. We believe confidence is one of the most important things we can provide to help a child grow. That is why every session includes confidence-building drills and routines. Some of the areas we focused on are:

Stress management. Stress affects our work, home and social life.  It is no different for children. Exercise, in addition to making one more physically fit, is an excellent stress reliever. Many parents indicate a noticeable improvement in school performance and general behavior even as early as the first few months of joining our programmes.

Discipline. One of the things parents appreciate most about our classes is the improvement in their child's self-discipline. Our trainers have been specially selected for their ability and passion in working with children.  They are also very clear about the limits of children and are there to encourage good rules of behavior in our classes and activites.  Such values inculcated extend beyond the mats, preparing them for life’s challenges.

Confidence. Bullies prey on smaller and younger children because they sense weakness. Our students learn how to carry themselves to improve their outward demeanor. It is amazing how a child joining our program very timid, and quiet, display a noticeable difference in their confidence after a few sessions. Again, this life skill and value is carried into their daily life.

Unlike most physical activities that are done outdoor (hence, are weather dependent and seasonal), our programmes are a year round affair. Consistency and regular training allows for rapid progression.  This is especially important for children.  In a study reported in Psychology Today (January 1985), children actively involved in martial arts, have demonstrated a lower level of anxiety and were less likely to be withdrawn. They were also found to demonstrate a higher level of confidence. 

What to Expect

Children will be taught to roll safely on the mat and to escape from grabs and holds. Upon mastering these critical skills, students learn how to apply techniques to disable an opponent.  Our programmes are also designed to provide an effective personal protection mechanism, arming your child with the necessary skills to defend or escape from dangerous situations.

Successes are based on personal merits. Regular competitions and grading provide opportunities for application and demonstration of skills, and the motivation to do better.  The colored belt system for promotions also provides children with a great sense of accomplishment that improves the way they feel about themselves. Martial Arts are also helpful for children with special needs and some physical disability.

Class structure & fees

To maintain a consistent level of instruction and supervision, classes are kept small (maximum 24 participants).  No more than 6 students are assigned to 1 trainer.  We offer classes throughout the week for children and adults.

Course fees are payable in advance, per term and may vary according to location.  You may enroll at any time and the course fees will be pro-rated from the point of entry. Regular walk-in sessions are at $40.00 per session and each class may last 1-2 hours long. Our classes are ongoing throughout the year with scheduled breaks during term and public holidays. Holiday programmes are available during term breaks.  


Newcomers will be required to sign up for a two (2) session trial package to assist us in recommending the most appropriate class/level. Participants should be comfortably attired in T-shirt and shorts/sweat pants.  Confirmed participants will be required to purchase a set of uniform for training.

If you are still unsure about making commitment, feel free to contact us to discuss your training needs. We offer trial options, especially for younger children, so that you don't need to make a huge financial commitment up front if you are unsure if it is for you or your child or not. 

Hopefully your interest has been piqued to the point where you are considering our programmes for yourself or your child.  If you have any concerns toward our programmes, feel free to drop us an email (admin@jagsport.com) and we will be happy to address them. 

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