Specialists in the grappling arts, our passionate instructors & trainers also first aid trained and regularly attends fitness and coaching courses locally and abroad.

Whether the goals are for personal development or fitness and flexibility, we are committed to bring out the very best of each individual.

Gerard Lim [Principal Instructor]


1991-1992        Singapore Judo Federation (Director Youth)

1990-1998        Singapore Armed Forces (Judo Coach)

1991-present    Assumption English School (Head Coach - Judo)

1997-present    Hollandse Club (Head Coach - Children's Judo)

2003-present    Budo Academy (Principal Instructor - Judo / Sambo / Grappling)

2004-present    St. Gabriel/s Secondary School (Head Coach - Judo)

2009-present    Canadian International School (Head Coach - Judo)

2011-present    Nanyang Junior College (Head Coach - Judo)

2012                Singapore Polytechnic (Head Coach - Judo)

Positions Held

1991                 Asian Games (Hiroshima) Team Manager Judo 

1991-1996        Secretary General, Singapore Judo Federation

2007-2010        Secretary General, Asian Sambo Federation

2007-present    President, Sambo Singapore


2011    Life Saving Training Centre Singapore: Standard First Aid

2011    WSH bizSafe Level 2: Risk Management

2009    Singapore Sports Council: NCAP Level 1 (Wrestling)

2007    Life Saving Training Centre Singapore: Standard First Aid

2006    Dynamic Combat Method USA: Quick Defence Instructor

2005    Samurai SportsUSA: Weapons Instructor

2005    International Sports Chanbara Assoc: A Class Instructor

2002    MalaysiaJudo Federation: Elite Athlete Coach

2000    Indonesian Judo Federation: Olympic Coaching course

1992    Singapore Sports Council: Applied Sports Psychology Workshop

1991    Singapore Sports Council: NCAP Level 3 (Theory) 


4th Dan International Judo Federation

4th Dan Singapore Judo Federation

2nd Dan Kodokan Judo Institute (Japan)

1st Dan International Sports Chanbara Association

National A referee (Singapore)

Examiner. Kojokan Dojo, Okayamaprefecture, Japan

Examiner. Intergrated Combative Arts Trainng (USA)

Examiner. US Chanbara Association

Awards received

2009             IOC Sports Administrator Programme

2005             SSC Development Coaching Award (schools)

1993/1994    SingaporeArmed Forces Coach of the Year Award

1991/1996    Singapore Armed Forces Colours Award for Judo

Joanna DC Ang [Senior Admin Instructor] 











Gary Chow [Senior Insturctor - Judo/Sambo]



2013     27th South East Asian Games - 2/6 

            Maharani Cup (Jakarta) - 1/9

            Medan Govener's Cup- 1/7 

            National Judo Championship - 1/7

2014     National Judo Championship - 1/6

            Trisakti Judo Championship - 3/20  


Awards recevied

2003-2006  West Zone Colours Award 

2006          Sportsman of the Year (AES) 


Judo   Internaitonal Judo Federation (2nd Dan) 


Gabriel Yang [Senior Insturctor - Judo/Wrestling]

 Awards recevied


2001     National Schools' Individual 'C' Boys Heavy Weight - 1st

2002     National Schools' Individual 'B' Boys Middle Weight - 3rd

            Victorian International Open Competition U90kg - 3rd

2003     National Schools' Individual 'B' Boys Heavy Weight - 3rd

2003     National Colours Award 

2004     National Schools' Individual 'B' Boys Heavy Weight - 3rd

2001-2004 West Zone Colours Award 

2005     National Schools' Individual 'A' Boys Heavy Weight - 3rd

2006     National Schools' Individual 'A' Boys Heavy Weight - 3rd

2011     Trisakti University Open (Indonesia) U90kg - 1st

2012     Trisakti University Open (Indonesia) U90kg - 1st

            National Youth Judo Championship +90kg - 1st

2013     Hong Kong International Open - 3/10

            National Judo Championship - 1/6 

            Thailand International Judo Championship- 3/7

            Maharani Cup (Jakarta) - 2/8 

            27th South East Asian Games - 3/6

2014     Trisakti Judo Championship- 1/6 

            National Judo Championship 2014- 1/6 



2012     Southeast Asia Sambo Championship U100kg - 3rd


2009     Phillipines Invitational U90kg - 1st

            WFS National Team Selection U90kg - 1st

            SEA Games (Laos) 2009 - participant

2011     WFS National Team Selection U84kg - 1st


2011     Crossfit level 1 certified trainer


Judo     International Judo Federtaion  (2nd Dan)


Sul Mohamad Sulaiman 











Timothy Low [Junior Insturctor - Judo/Wrestling]



2013   27th South East Asian Games - 3/4

           Maharani Cup (Jakarta) - 3/8

           Thailand International Judo Championship - 2/4

           Medan Governors Cup - 2/6

2014   National Judo Championship 2014- 1/2

           National Newaza Championships - 1/5

           Trisakti Judo Championship - 3/10 


Judo  International Judo Federation (1st Dan) 

Cassiopeia  [Junior Insturctor - Judo]


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